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Calamis: The Malice Sentry *Reference Sheet*
Full Name: Calamis
Nickname: The Malice Sentry; The Darkness; The Devourer; The Destroyer of Worlds
Species: A Dark Titan in a spectre form made from malice
Appearance: Red Glowing Eyes; Dark Purple Shrouded Clouds with a titan head, even titan horns and hands are usually showing
Personality: Savage; Power-Hungry; Ruthless
Powers: Evil Embodiment; Corruption Manipulation; Eye Beam
Enemies: Sonic and his Friends; Kirby and his friends; Twilight Sparkle and her friends
  Fan-made: Lidoran and his Freedom Fighter team; Nellora; Shyly; Minerva and her Elemental Sages
Alignment: Evil
Likes: Feasting power; World destruction; Ruling all universes
Dislikes: Being sealed by heroes; becoming weak; Minerva and her Elemental Sages
Story: Long ago just before the Ifrit first invaded Lura Kingdom, The Malice Sentry: Calamis has invaded this planet, hun
:icontreeoflife911:TreeofLife911 2 0
Doctor ChromeSkull by TreeofLife911 Doctor ChromeSkull :icontreeoflife911:TreeofLife911 5 0 Gully the Dwarf by TreeofLife911 Gully the Dwarf :icontreeoflife911:TreeofLife911 6 6
Shyly's Foot Shorts 30
Shyly meets Kari from Yu-Gi-Oh ZEXAL
At Yuma's house, Kari was researching on computer and wrote it on her journal.
Kari: I hope Yuma doesn't cause anymore trouble when he starts to duel with somebody.
Suddenly, a portal appeared and Shyly popped out which startled Kari and the portal disappeared.
Kari: Ahh! What was that!?
Shyly: *moans* Where am I?
Kari: Who are you? Where did you come from? *smiles* And why do you look so adorable? :heart:
Shyly: Uhhhhhh *blushes* My name is Anakin. My friends called me Shyly. Sorry I crash in like that. I came from another world.
Kari: Shyly? Another world?
Shyly: Yes. It's the nickname I adopted because I was nervous. And yes, I came from Mobius where all the anthro animals live there.
Kari: Awwwwww I understand. That nickname was so cute. :heart:
Shyly: Chee. *smiles and blushes; notices that she was barefooted and blushes again*
Kari: Are you okay?
Shyly: *snaps out of it* Uhhh yes, i'm okay.
Kari: Then why are
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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Wazza guys, TreeofLife911 here.

I was real excited because Nintendo Direct has announced a new Super Smash Bros game for Switch.

Here's the trailer below:

I can't wait to see new features and not to mention characters. :D

But someday, I wish there was a way to make room in the roster instead of getting rid of them.

And that's why I put my wishlist here that has 3 things I was looking forward. Here's what I put:

1. Advanced fighting moves and 4th taunt: We have learn some basic moves from the first game of Smash Bros. Then when Melee comes out, new fighting moves appeared like: B + Sideways. And last was Brawl with the Final Smash move and the 3 taunt per character move. And here we are the Wii U and the 3DS are using the changing move mode like Mario changes from fireball to iceball. But now, my idea for this Switch game is to add more moves like let's start with Kirby:

Kirby's basic moves:

Inhale: B

Hammer Ability: B + Sideway

Cutter Ability: B + Upward

Stone Ability: B + Downward

Now here's the change I wish to make. Let's add four more so we can have both Air & Ground moves on each four special.

Inhale: B + Ground

Spark ability: B + Air

Hammer Ability: B + Sideway + Ground

Wing Ability: B + Sideway + Air

Cutter Ability: B + Upward + Ground

Hi-Jump Ability: B + Upward + Air

Needle Ability: B + Downward + Ground

Stone Ability: B + Downward + Air

And finally adding the 4th taunt with the either on of these side buttons: Like since Kirby already has the being chosen pose from Smash 64. Although to be honest, I couldn't remember what 4th pose Kirby can do for 4th taunt. But anyways, my wish is to have others with their Air and Ground moves too and not to mention 4th taunt, especially for veterans that will have the 64 chosen poses too.

2. Make room for more characters and stages: Remember Luigi? They say he was a fighter that was a clone to Mario. There's also Melee clones like Roy who is a clone to Marth, Young Link who is a clone to Link, Falco who is a clone to Fox, Dr. Mario who is the second clone to Mario and Pichu who is a clone to Pikachu. In Brawl, there's also Lucas: the clone of Ness, Wolf the second clone to Fox and Toon Link the second clone to Link. And In Wii U & 3DS, there's Dark Pit: clone of Pit and Lucina the second clone of Marth. Wow that's a lot of clones don't you think? Well something came into my head. Bowser Jr. has a lot of alternative costumes like the Koopalings and so does Olimar with Alph from Pikmin 3. And that gave me an idea. How about we turn clones into costumes just to make room for more characters in this roster even though people wanted the old clones they loved, back. When you chose Mario, you change color costumes all the way until you found Luigi and Dr. Mario and you found some words that shows that moves have changed. So hopefully, someone will find a way so we can stuff clones costumes inside the veterans to make room for more characters. Now for stages, the idea is to choose a stage folder with different emblems like the characters has, that has a lot of stages in each folder.

3. New characters and costumes wishlist: Now that you know clone costumes, Here's my character and clone costume wishlist:

Mario's Odyssey costumes (Like cowboy and swimsuit for example, and even old school style like 64.)
Daisy: (Peach's alternative costume.)
Blue or Yellow Toad: (New Mario Fighter)
Dry Bowser: (Bowser's alternative costume.)
Donkey Kong 8-bit: (Donkey Kong's color costume.)
Dixie Kong: (New Donkey Kong Fighter.)
King K. Rool: (New Donkey Kong Fighter since you already wished for it.)
Toon Zelda: (Zelda's clone costume.)
Dark Samus: (Samus' clone costume)
Masked Dedede: (Dedede's alternative costume.)
Krystal: (Fox's third clone costume.)
Raichu: (Pikachu's Second clone costume.)
Unknown 8th Pokemon: (New Pokemon fighter)
(Maybe a female character that was Ness's second clone.)
Blood Falcon: (Captain Falcon's clone costume.)
Captain Louie: (Olimar's Clone costume.)
Shadow the Hedgehog: (Sonic's clone costume.)
Ms. Pac-Man: (Pac-Man's alternative costume.)
Bass: (New Megaman Fighter.)
Banjo-Kazooie: (New Banjo-Kazooie Fighter.)
Rabbids: (New Rabbids Fighter.)

That's all I think about. What do you guys think? And what do you guys wish for this new game too? Leave the comments below about what you want to see for the new game.

That's all for now. This is TreeofLife911, and I thank you for reading this journal. See ya!
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